Call Super


Techno euphoria, timeless classics, subterranean explorations, and early sunrays at the dancefloor - Call Super will evoke it all.

Call Super is a DJ and musician from London who has gained critical acclaim with his every release. He often explores subterranean and abstract playgrounds in his productions or weaves bits and pieces of spoken word, avant-garde pop, experimental jazz, or poems between their beats.

While his record The Present Tense provided the launching point for Houndstooth, the label arm of London’s fabric nightclub, their collaboration with Beatrice Dillon and various other releases has been compared to Ricardo Villalobos, Jon Hassell, and Brian Eno. As a DJ, Call Super's sets can range from hi-energy peak club nights to the chillest mood makers for those first summer sunrays. It’s the emotions and adventurous paths they take that will etch those spellbinding moments into our hearts. It is a colorful world that gives life to the shadows and throws a mist over the boundaries that have become commonplace in electronic music.