Influenced by modern vinyl DJ culture, Daura's sets envision the moody after-hours, psychedelic forest music, and experimental chillout.

Daura, a Canadian-born DJ based in Montreal, specializes in moody after-hours club, psychedelic forest music, and experimental chillout. She is a resident DJ at Creatures, London, as well as the cofounder of RE:UNION MTL, an event series that hosts electronic music acts in and around Montreal. With an expansive sound design that bridges urban and modern contexts, Daura's sets narrate a commentary on current trends and offer glimpses into the future of electronic music. Her experimental-leaning club music takes a non-linear approach to blending tracks and sonic elements, creating an experience where the logical meets the emotional. Heavily influenced by modern vinyl DJ culture and the personal curation of dubplate culture, Daura's performances are an exploration through reduced yet impactful selections that fit like a glove with unda´s microcosm.