Elijah reflects on the challenges of the music industry.

Welcome to the Yellow Squares universe – an initiative by Elijah, an artist who has worked in front of and behind the scenes as a DJ, manager, label co-founder, event producer, artistic director, and creative consultant for 15 years. Elijah's work spun out of the grime music scene via Rinse FM and across clubs and festivals worldwide. The idea behind Yellow Squares is to post daily "post-its" on Instagram that reflect on the challenges and experiences in the music industry, offering advice and igniting conversations and discussions.

The themes cover sustainable artistic creation, community building, the rapidly changing digital landscape, and using social media as a canvas. "It's about asking questions, covering challenging topics, and helping artists and creative businesses be open-minded about breaking free from structures that may no longer serve their vision," Elijah says. While kicking off online, The Yellow Squares project has started to live its own life outside social media through visual installations, brand collaborations, an album, and especially through his lecture series Close The App, Make The Thing; Back To Back, and If You Love Music, You Should Learn How To DJ.


Resident Advisor