Emma Warren


Emma Warren is an author who has been documenting grassroots culture for many years.

When asked about the biggest influences on her career, she cited music, movement, and people who have created spaces for expression. Emma's latest book, Dance Your Way Home, is a comprehensive account of the history of dance, examining its significance beyond just being a fun activity. It explores the role of dance in fostering community, promoting health, and preserving history. Emma envisions a future where dance is valued in schools and healthcare professionals, property developers, and governments recognize its collective importance.

Emma has authored several other books, including Make Some Space: Tuning Into Total Refreshment Centre (Sweet Machine) and Steam Down: Or How Things Begin (Rough Trade Books, 2019). She has also hosted a show on Worldwide FM for six years, compiled the 'Steppers Delight' dubstep albums for Soul Jazz, created BBC radio documentaries on classic clubs, and conducted long-form interviews with renowned musicians such as Brian Eno, Steve Reich, and Björk for Red Bull Music Academy. Emma has hosted discussions at festivals, galleries, and record shops, including the ICA and Rough Trade, and events at The Tate. Her pamphlet, 'Document Your Culture', is a must-read for event producers who challenge the status quo.