Like a crawling horror manga character on their self-titled debut, Rezzett's lo-fi mutant rave music creeps under your skin.

Initially creating a buzz with several esoteric YouTube uploads back in 2013, Rezzett went on to release 5 EPs of distorted techno and jungle on the renowned Trilogy Tapes, pioneering a lo-fi sound that has since spread across the dance music discourse. Rezzett are Jackson Bailey (also known as Tapes) and Luke Blair (also known as Lukid and Refreshers) notable for their raw euphoric live sets and distorted soundscapes.

In recent years, they have garnered critical acclaim for their two full-lengths Rezzett and Meant Like This, followed by a live cassette documenting their performance at an Ill-Studio exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo, and a 12” EP consisting of dancefloor ups and (come)downs. Rezzett's sound carries so many environments that you get to wander around in a fuzzy and humid jungle, solemn industrial heaven, the garden of mechanical flora, extraterrestrial after hours, or wherever else their music makes your mind go.


Resident Advisor